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The modern reality of the hotel world is that our guests prize personalized service more than ever before. They are surrounded every day by social media and smart applications that use modern advances in big data to persuade, seduce and delight them with experiences customized "just for them". The modern hotel guest expects service in the real world to work the same way.

Imagine what you could do if there was a way to re-create your guest experience so it is delighfully customized to suit each unique person, even before they check in! And what if your staff had all the information they need to provide that all-important human touch in new ways that make each guest feel as if you are welcoming them as their best friend?

Guest Experience helps you create the smart hotel of tomorrow, and welcome every guest with a truly personalized human touch. Our unified dashboard knows how to talk to all your hotel's operating systems, like room keys, in-room lighting, entertainment, and guest profile data (including their social media profiles). It lets you offer the kind of guest experience that, in the past, would have taken twice as many staff to deliver.

And because we help you automate that experience, and orchestrate it aross your guest's entire journey through all your hotels, you actually need less staff per room, while delighting your guests more than ever before.

In fact, our customers typically see an increase of up to 14% in guest satisfaction and approval ratings in the first 6 months.

It's time to get smart(er), hospitality.

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We've invented a way to teach your old systems some very cool new tricks. Our consolidated guest profile lets you re-imagine your guest experience by re-mixing different systems' capabilities into new, delightful combinations.

Since a typical guest now carries a phone-sized supercomputer everywhere they go, we decided to make it easy for you to enhance their journey through the hotel with simple, useful, smart options. Like the option to open their door with their phone instead of a key. And options for automatic check-in upon arrival.

Delightful conveniences add sparkle to their day, and because they are genuinely helpful as well, they can drive big increases in repeat visits and overall brand loyalty.

Guest Experience helps you innovate your hotel's uniqueness.


A wise person once wrote that a person's name is the most beautiful sound in the world — to them. One-size-fits-all brand experiences are dead and gone. A friendly smile, and simply being greeted by name builds more trust and more brand engagement in three seconds than three whole nights of 1,000 thread-count sheets can ever dream of.

Guest Experience's rich guest profile capabilities are the perfect fit for designing tailored micro-experiences to suit each guest's individual tastes and preferences. Runners appreciate tips on local tracks (especially if they are loaded into a smartwatch that comes with their room). Weary frequent flyers feel at ease and at home when their favourite cocktail is ready and waiting upon arrival. Even a simple re-ordering of tv channels based on past usage preferences is a subtle, nuanced way for your hotel and brand to say "welcome back [insert name here]".


Our platform is fully programmable. In essence, you can customise a highly sophisticated, carefully personalized series of integrated experience flows, linked to each guest's stay (pre, post and during the stay).

Let us help you customize Guest Experience to carefully craft your brand values into every fine detail of a guest's journey through your hotel.


When a guest wakes up disorientated in the middle of the night, let them ask the room for what they need, instead of stumbling around in confusion. Any controlled system in the room, including lights, is just waiting to be told what to do.

Crafting integrated experiences let guests ask for what they need, and get what they really want. Like dimming the lights at the same time as switching on the video screen, when they ask for the sports channel.

So now, even without a live staff member present, your hotel can still delight and enhance their stay, in the most personalised way possible — by responding to their natural voice commands.

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